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Interview Series: (Fit) Three Founders!

How did you come up with the name of your company?

V: We wanted a name that had something to do with being fit. Although it took some time due to the poor availability of domains, "FitThree" finally came to mind. It made sense as it had had the link to “Fit” and “Three” was related to the main micronutrient groups. Thankfully, that domain was available!

How did you meet?

A: Tachfine and I met during University when we ran the Student Union. After that, we went separate ways before meeting up again in Singapore. Both of us became friends with Vincent several years before the start of Fit Three.

V: I met Arthur a few years ago through a group of French friends in Singapore. After a few years, he introduced me to Tachfine.

What is the philosophy behind your food?

A: We have a two-pronged approach that we take towards food. First, we believe in a holistic approach to “healthy” - focusing not just on weight gain/loss, but on encouraging a sustainable approach to wellness. We focus more on quality rather than quantity (although that does play a role) by sourcing out the freshest ingredients and going organic when we can. Our goal is to provide healthy food for anyone... regardless of their food constraints or lifestyle.

V: The second “prong” is geared towards fitness. In other words, eating well to fuel an individual's fitness performance. That is why we have detailed macro counts and calorie counts for people to track their intake as well as two different menus (one with complex carbs and the other lower carb) depending on their fitness regime.


What does healthy eating mean to you?

A: I believe there is no one definition of healthy eating. Rather, healthy means ensuring that there is a variety of different food groups in your diet - with seasonal, quality ingredients. Also, I believe that healthy eating means eating adequate food (not too much, not too little) based on your individual metabolism and activities.

V: As mentioned above, I mainly eat to fuel my training sessions. Given that, eating healthy for me is not just eating enough and “right” but also avoiding things that may hinder my performance.

What is your favorite dish?

T: It has gotta be the Thai Roast Beef Salad created by our in-house awesome chef, Warren Pho.

V: I actually don’t have a favorite dish... they are all great! No, I am biased at all :p

What is your most popular dish?

T: Given that we have about 400 recipes now and such a wide range of clients with different taste profiles, it’s hard to say. If I were to guess, though, I would say probably the Lasagna Chicken or Enchiladas.

V: I’d say it’s probably the meals that people associate with comfort food. For example, the Chicken Enchiladas, Lasagna, and Moussaka. In other words, all the meals with cheese!!

Who are your customers?

T: Mainly active people in their 20s / 30s who are either single or part of a family. The split seems to be 50/50 between men and women. I’d say the majority are more focused on having a balanced meal as opposed to being concerned about their macros.

At the same time, we do have some clients who are tracking their macro strictly - they often email us if they have a question about the food. We definitely make sure that our macronutrient counts are accurate by using an in-house tool that we developed so that we can answer such questions.

When you are not in the kitchen, what do you enjoy doing?

A: Cooking in my kitchen and having friends over. The cooking is kind of never ending…

V: Going to the gym or training outdoors with friends.

What are your plans (for the company) going forward?

A: Our end goal is to be able to provide individuals who have food restrictions (either by choice i.e diet, lifestyle OR constraints i.e intolerances, health conditions) with convenient and healthy food that can fuel and sustain the lives they live.

V: Same as Arthur, and I’d like to add that ideally we would be able to provide this healthy service to people no matter where they live.



Nicole is a SGP-American writer passionate about holistic health/wellness. When she isn’t writing, she can be found (attempting to) smash a CrossFit WOD, dancing on a bike, or baking up a storm. 

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